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How to Buy

Special Rules on Ordering Pure Encapsulations Products

Special conditions apply in case of pure encapsulations products (as mandated by the manufacturer.

The items purchased are only for the private use of the purchaser. It should not be resold to any one else or sold through other medium such as eBay etc. You can place an order for a friend or relative at their request for personal use. (such as an older relative who is not comfortable in placing orders on line.)

We reserve the right to restrict the number of items ordered. The standard practice is to restrict you to a 3 month supply. We will soon offer, monthly shipment program under which you can ask that the medications that you normally take can be reordered or refilled automatically. This way you can just order what you need and avoid the danger of items sitting on your medicine cabinet and getting spoiled.

We can ship Pure Encapsulations Products only to US addresses (50 states and Puerto Rico) due to manufacturer restrictions.

We sell Pure Encapsulations products at the lowest prices legally permitted by the manufacturer. No one can sell these products at prices cheaper than what we offer. If you see someone offering any Pure Encapsulations products at prices below what we offer, please alert us. It is quite possible that they are offering a "knock out" product or not following the manufacturer imposed policies known as "MAP." We appreciate your telling us about them.

We will soon be introducing other branded products where these restrictions do not apply.

We are committed to provide you with the best products at great value. Your health is our primary concern.

How to Buy

Purchasing items are very easy in our store thanks to the robust electronic backend we have built in.

Select Items

Peruse through the items. You have a variety of ways to do that - by category, by items, by price ranges, by search etc. This will list items with a short description. If you want to consider purchasing this item click on 'add to cart' button next to the item.

You can also click on the details button next to the item or the image of the product. This will take you to a page with more information about the product such as specifications, etc. Again click on "add to cart" to add this item to your shopping cart.

When you click on "add to Cart" button, you will be presented with an option of selecting how many (quantity) you want to purchase (column marked Quantity) as well as a summary of all items you have in the cart so far. Select the quantity if you want more than one item and then click on add to cart.

You can now continue with your shopping, looking at more items and adding items to the cart. You can also select the box under Select column by click on it and then clicking delete button below to delete this item from your cart.

Pure Encapsulations restricts us from showing the prices unless you are a registered customer with us. The registration process can take 1-2 days. Once registered, you do not have to do this anymore. If you miss your account information (like password), please contact us.

Checking Contents of Your Shopping Cart

You can view the contents of your cart and your selections anytime by selecting the "View Cart" button. You may remove items from your cart here by checking the box next to the item under the delete column and clicking the delete button below.

Checking Out

When all of your selections have been made you may begin to finalize your purchase by selecting the "Check Out" button.

You will then be given the option of paying via credit cards, via PayPal or by email. Choose the email option if you want to mail payment by check, money order etc. Paypal provides you a secured way to pay for your transactions that is safe. You do not have to join Paypal to pay for an item if you are using a credit card. If you wish to pay by check, e-check etc., then you need to be a member of paypal which is free. One of the added benefit of using Paypal is that you do not have to divulge your financial data to anyone else (we do not know your info, only Paypal advises us that they received payment from you - that is fine with us! You can also make payment by credit card. This may be beneficial especially for people who are outside the US who have difficulty paying by Paypal. We can also manually process your credit card if you get into any problems.

Payment via Credit Cards and by Paypal

If you have selected to pay by paypal or by credit cards, then you will be taken securely to the secure paypal server where your credit card information etc. are taken, and processed. If your credit card company accepts the charge, then paypal will inform you immediately and us. You will be returned to Note that we do not collect any credit card information or store it; so there is no chance of compromising your privacy data. Paypal, an eBay company, has extensive anti fraud checking devices; please make sure that you provide an address where the credit card send you the bill. Due to the widespread fraud and identity theft, we cannot ship to any address other than the address to which your credit card billing statement is sent.

When the transaction has been completed - you will be sent to a confirmation page.

Payment by Check, Money Order etc.

If you decide to send your payment by check or money order, you will be asked to fill out the pertinent information about shipping address etc. and will be given an order summary page and the amount due. Please print the order summary page, and mail a copy of it along with the check or money order to: fulfillment services
1477 Hunting Hollow Dr
Hudson, OH 44236, USA

After the check clears, we will ship your merchandise.

If we do not receive your check or money order within 10 days, your order will be cancelled and the item will be released to the inventory. Please do not checkout if you have no plan to consummate the purchase.

PS: If you need a few extra days to pay, please send us an email describing your situation. In most cases, we will be glad to comply with your request and provide you extra time without canceling your order. Send all such requests to

See Also: Payment Methods

After We Receive Your Payment

After we receive your payment, we will ship your merchandise within 5 business days (unless it is a special order item that may take longer to process. If there is a delay we will inform you right away.) Most of the small items will be send by US Postal Service first class mail or priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. Books will be sent by USPS Media mail. Bulky items will be shipped by UPS ground, FedEX ground or by other appropriate couriers.

Overseas orders will be sent by USPS Mail air mail parcel service or Global Priority Mail if it is available.

Orders where the customers specify Express Shipping will be sent by USPS Express Mail or via UPS 2nd day air service as applicable.

See Also: Shipping

Items Requiring Expedited Shipping

Because the vitamins and supplements are not stocked and are ordered from the factory everyday, these items will take 3-5 business days to ship. Sometimes we can expedite your order by having the orders shipped direct from the factory to you by UPS 2nd day air service for US shipments.

Damaged Items

If your package is damaged on shipment, please file a report with your delivering courier right away as well as inform us with your order number. Any damages noticed must be reported within 5 days of receiving your items.

Returning Items

Due to the FDA rules, vitamins and supplements and other health items cannot be returned.

More details can be found at our Merchandise Return Policy.

International Shipments

Any additional costs such as duty, VAT, etc. charged by foreign governments are your responsibility. We have no control over how long an item stays in customs, etc. It is our observation that items shipped via Global Express Mail tend to be processed quicker than those shipped via air mail. FedEx, DHL etc. tend to expedite the customs handling; but they do cost considerably more than the cost for standard Global Priority Mail or Global Express Mail. We are not responsible for damages or delays incurred at customs etc.

The customs policies of various countries differ. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain all necessary import licenses etc., if applicable, prior to placing the order. We are not responsible if the item is disallowed by the customs. No refund is given for overseas shipments.

See Also: Customer Service

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